The Best Kept Secret of the Deep State
This podcast will give you the foundation for a greater understanding about the entity commonly referred to as the "Deep State". You will learn about a very powerful family whose motto reads in Latin "Esse, non videri", which translates to "To act, not to seem to be."

Other material

Article: The Swedish Tigers Repressed Memories

Our idea with this article is that once and for all, report not only what interests lay behind the two World Wars and the outbreak of the Cold War, but also the root cause, based on an operational strategic planning horizon extending throughout the last century, a planning that more than anything else has defined our world in modern times.

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Lecture: The Spy Factory Sweden

Here comes the long-awaited and uncensored truth about the Swedish business interests and people who more than anything else shaped our history during the 20th century until today. This was done by translating their ideas into practical action from an individual profit-maximization perspective and where no price in human suffering has been considered too high.

Carl takes us elegantly through the first half of the last century and the emergence of the deep state with its intelligence collective as the core of operational strategic geopolitical planning through its information advance, something that more than anything else has shaped the reality we live in today.

Join us on this time travel where he connects historical events and families named Palme, Wallenberg, Hambro, Warburg, Dulles, Roosevelt etc. with his start in the first attempted revolution in Russia in 1905.

A lecture for the curious, a lecture that will create the ripples on the water that in turn will lead to the greater understanding required for us to be able to orient ourselves towards a better future for all of us!

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